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  • What is the makeup policy if my child misses a class? 

    • If your child misses a class, you can attend any of our open gyms free of charge, for each class that you miss for up to a year. When you arrive, let the front desk know you are here for a makeup class.

  • Can I use my absence credits for another child at open gym?

    • Yes, you may use your child's absences for anyone at open gym.

  • Do I have to preregister for open gym?

    • No, you can just show up and sign in with our front office person.

  • How often do classes attend?

    • Classes attend once a week. If you would like to come more than once a week, you would have to sign your child up for multiple classes.

  • What level of gymnastics should I sign my child up for? First, make sure your child's age matches up with the age range of the classes you want to enroll in. If your child has no prior gymnastics experience, you should enroll in a beginner or junior beginner class. If your child DOES have prior experience, you can enroll in a junior intermediate or intermediate class, or you can email us to set up an evaluation if you're still unsure. ​​​​​​​

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