Cris Fuller - Owner

Cris has owned Knightdale Gymnastics since 1994. She is a member of USAGymnastics, AAU and NAWGJ and serves as the judges assigner for North Carolina. She is a National judge who judges USAG, AAU and NCAA competitions around the country. She has two boys, ages 18 and 14. 

Erica Berryman - Program Director

Erica was a former gymnast at Knightdale Gymnastics many years ago. She has returned to her home gym to become the program director. She coaches the AAU and USAG teams while coordinating staff schedules and class programs. She has two boys ages 5 and 3. 

Aubrey Shankweiler - Events Director, Gym Manager

Aubrey is a former Knightdale gymnast. She is currently serving as our events director organizing summer and track out camps along with activities for our students. She is our resident private lesson coach for all things tumbling and also coaches the AAU competitive team, Copper team and Hot Shots. 

Caroline Clifford - Recreation coach

Caroline has been on staff for four years. She is a current member of the AAU competitive team and she teaches on her off-workout days. She is a high school senior and plans to attend ECU next fall. 

Eleanor Raskopf - AAU Bronze Coach


Eleanor was a former member of the Knightdale Gymnastics competitive team and currently competes in Tumbling and Trampoline. She joined the staff in 2017 and will be coaching the AAU Bronze team during the 2019-20 season. 

Rylee Gray - AAU Coach 

Rylee is a former KG gymnast who was the USAG Platinum Regional Champion in 2016. After giving up gymnastics as a competitive sport, she jumped headfirst into coaching. She has coached several National Champions and is a wonderful coach for our new bronze AAU gymnasts. 

Dason Fuller - STARS coach, recreation coach, Parkour coach

Dason is beginning his third year on staff at KG. He is on his second season working with the STARS competitive team and while he enjoys the competitive side of gymnastics, parkour is his first choice of gymnastics activities himself. He is a high school senior and plans to attend UNCW in August 2019.

Krista Foland - STARS coach, recreation coach

Krista joined KG two years ago with little gymnastics knowledge but has grown into one of the best teachers. So much so that she was given the opportunity to coach our STARS team last season. She will be taking another STARS group on this season. She is a high school senior and plans to attend UNC Charlotte in August 2019.  

Carleigh Louviere - Recreation coach

Carleigh is a former member of the AAU competitive team. After taking a year off, she was approached about teaching and was very excited about the opportunity. She spent a year as a junior staff member training and learning about teaching the sport she had participated in all her life. She will be a senior staff member this year. 

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Quinton Crosson-Taylor - Parkour coach and Tumbling coach

Quin will be starting his second season with Knightdale Gymnastics. His wife was our former office manager (Alicia) which is how he got his start here. He works a full-time job but comes to gym on Mondays to pursue his real passion which began as a high school cheerleader. 

Bryson Curtis - Recreation coach

Bryson is a former member of our AAU competitive team. After winning the state championships, she moved from gymnast to coach and will be beginning her second season with us. 

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Johannah Durham - Recreational Coach

Johannah joined us in 2017. she is a high school student at East Wake and plays on the tennis team there. She coaches all ages and can teach most classes. Even though she is new, she has made a lot of effort to be the best teacher she can be!

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Sonoma Kappel Knecht - Recreation coach

Sonoma has been on staff for four years. She is a senior in high school and plans to attend NC State in the spring of 2020. She teaches anything and everything from preschool to advanced gymnastics.

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Christian Snider - Parkour coach

Christian joined the parkour staff in 2017 and brought a fresh, new approach to our parkour program. Coming from a dedicated parkour gym, he has been able to refine our parkour program and is our best demonstrator! He will be teaching a preschool parkour and young tumbling class in the 2019-20 class session

Danielle Edwards - Preschool Movement Education Teacher

Danielle has a daughter who competes on the KG competitive team and since she was driving to the gym all the time anyway, we said, "Why don't you work here?" She was excited with the challenge and spent long hours training and learning as much as possible. She is our dedicated Preschool Movement Education teacher but she can teach our recreation classes as well. 

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Owner: Cris Fuller

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