1.  What procedures will be in place before, during and after classes? 

    1. Gymnasts will arrive at the check in table to have their temperature taken, get hand sanitizer and to get their assigned number. NOTE: We will not be using cubbies so please bring a bag to carry any belongings or water bottles with you.

    2. All gymnasts and parents entering the facility should wear a face covering. The student will NOT wear the face covering during the class activities. This applies to all students age 3 and older. 

    3. Gymnasts will proceed to their designated number to wait to be called into class. NOTE: Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for class.

    4. Classes are staggered and coming in every 15 minutes so there shouldn’t be more than 6 people in line at a time.

    5. During class, students will be assigned stations at least 6 feet apart and rotate only when the instructor tells them.

    6. At the end of class, students will exit from the middle door (beside the pit) to stand on their number outside to wait for their ride.  

  2. How will you maintain social distancing?

    1. The current phase 2 business guidelines for numbers include 12 people for every 1000 square feet or 50% capacity. Our gym is roughly 5700 square feet which allows us to have 67 people in there as long as we can maintain the 6’ distancing rule although we have created a schedule that only allows 45 maximum including staff. 

    2. We will offer classes with a limit of 6 in each class and not more than 6 classes in the gym at a time for a maximum of 45 including students and staff.

    3. Our classes will be exclusively on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    4. There will be no in-person veiwing or observation. We will be utilizing a program TBD to provide online viewing of your child's class.     

  3. How are you planning to adhere to CDC cleaning/health regulations?

    1. We have partnered with EcoLab for 2 different cleaning solutions that are listed on the CDC website as effective for Coronavirus. The first can be used on fabrics and in the pit and has a 45 second kill rate for viruses. We will spray this one into the pit every day before practice and every hour during practice although we will limit use of the pit. The other product we have has a 3-minute kill rate for viruses and we will be spraying that before practice and every hour on all of the equipment, mats and other high touch surfaces.

    2. We also have an ozone machine. There are mixed reviews about whether it kills viruses and you cannot run it while people are there, but we are running it at night after everyone leaves for 3 hours on a timer just in case it does do something to kill viruses.

    3. We will be using an infrared thermometer to check everyone’s temperature before they enter. Anyone with a temperature over 100 will not be allowed to enter the gym.

    4. We have in our newly updated policies (which are changing weekly these days) that says if you, or anyone in your household are exhibiting symptoms of ANY illness, you should not come to practice. Obviously, we cannot police this, so we are depending on you to be honest.

  4. What is someone gets infected? How will you notify everyone else?

    1. If we are made aware of a positive COVID case from someone who has been in the gym, we will close for 48 hours for a deep clean and to notify everyone who was in the facility for 14 days prior to the infected person. We will use the email you have on your account to make this notification.

    2. Someone asked about students or others who may have been somewhere else where they were exposed. The protocols for that from the NC and Wake Co. health department require those people to be quarantined for 14 days and to notify everyone they came in contact with. If we get that notification, we will let you know but unless someone actually tests positive and was in our gym, we will not change our operations.

  5. What about wearing masks?

    1. The staff will be wearing masks at all times

    2. Students and parents should wear masks upon entering and exiting. Students will not wear masks during their actual class as exercise is an exception to the mask mandate.  

  6. What will tuition be?

    1. Tuition is listed in the portal and on the website for summer classes. We will continue to process tuition on a monthly basis for June, July and August with tuition being due on the 25th of the month prior.

    2. Our fall session is a 15-week session that is $300. 3 payments of $100 will be processed on August 24th, September 28th and Novmeber 2nd OR you may choose to pay the full session on August 24th and get a 10% discount. 

  7. What if we decide not to come back now?

    1. I understand that many of you are anxious and until there is a vaccine, there is no way anyone or any business can guarantee that you won’t catch this virus if you are interacting with anyone outside your home. Knowing that may be a year (or two) away, we all have to make decisions based on our individual situations. It’s a constantly evolving situation and you may make one choice now and change your mind later.

  8. What happens if there is an increase in COVID-19 cases or NC decides to increase social distancing measures again? Can we decide to drop out with no penalty?

    1. Of course. If at any time you feel like the virus is threatening at a level you are not comfortable with, you may withdraw. You can always join and/or drop at any time during our program using our current policies. We pro-rate tuition for enrollment during the month. Our drop policy remains the same which requires a 2-week notice to withdraw. 

  9. Other information

    1. I am sure you can all appreciate the magnitude of thought and effort that goes into making these kinds of changes. And with new directives every few weeks, we have to keep making changes to accommodate those.

    2. Things are going to be different from now on. Not just in gymnastics, but everywhere. It’s almost like we are starting a new business and we will be learning along the way. We will also make mistakes. Please be patient and kind.

    3. I am involved in multiple Facebook groups and zoom meetings with other gym owners, coaches, attorneys, health officials and accountants discussing these issues daily. We are collaborating and taking ideas from each other based on information being shared by health officials and our local governments. We may make changes or adjustments as new information or ideas come along if they will work better than what we are doing.

    4. We want you to know that we are following every guideline as it is written in the executive orders and will continue to do so. This does not mean that you cannot catch the virus. As I mentioned before, until there is a vaccine, there is no foolproof way to prevent the virus from spreading other than staying home. We all have to decide if we want to put our lives on hold until then or take some calculated risks to get back some of the joy in our lives. This is a personal and individual decision for everyone.    

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