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What being an employee at Knightdale Gymnastics means

How to access Jackrabbit: Includes how to locate the gym schedule, class rolls and other information useful for learning about the gym and your class. 

How to enter your payroll hours, paydays and everything else you need to know about payroll

How to mange the class schedule and rotations along with in-class management strategies

Includes all of our weather related procedures: When do we close? What do we do if there is a weather related situation at the gym? 

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What is expected of me?

  • Be informed. Read all of the procedure pages and employee handbook. Be able to reference them when you have questions.

  • Be open to learning. Nobody knows everything there is to know about gymnastics and we are all constantly learning.

  • Be committed. We expect you to make your job a priority. Be on time and present at all of your scheduled classes

  • Read the lesson plans and be prepared to implement them. Ask questions if you don’t understand.

  • Go above and beyond. Use google, youtube or facebook to search for gymnastics training videos and articles. There is a lot of information out there.

  • Be a team player. Help out with whatever you are asked to do. Fill in for other people if you can.

  • Have a great attitude. Be personable, empathetic, energetic, happy and excited while you are at work.

  • Have a LOT of patience. Children rarely do what they are supposed to all of the time. Getting frustrated never helps. Keep a calm presence while being assertive and authoritative.

  • ASK FOR HELP: IF you don’t feel like you are prepared or you aren’t doing the best job you can, ask for help.   



Username: knightdalegymnastics

Password: kgstaff1

Use the toolbar at the top to navigate. You can search classes, families, students and staff. 


Payroll information


Class Procedure

  1. Review your class roll from jackrabbit to see if you have any new students. If so, be prepared to call them by name to make sure they come to class.

  2. Review the lesson plans for all levels you teach. If you have questions, ASK before your class begins.  

  3. Go upstairs at the start time (Be on time!) and call your class name and color. Look around to make sure you didn't forget anyone and call names out for new kids. 

  4. Move to your designated "warm up" spot. You can use the event to do some light stretching or get right into the lesson plan.

  5. Rotate on time according to the schedule. Water breaks should not be taken as a group. Use the floater to take gymnasts individually if they need to go get water.

  6. Use the lesson plans at each station. 

  7. At the conclusion of class, you may hand out stickers, candy or stamps. Be sure not to send gymnasts up until the class time has ended. 


Weather Procedures

Inclement weather/Closings

  • In case of inclement weather, we DO NOT always follow wake county schools. We will make our own decisions based on conditions surrounding the gym and employees. 

  • We will first contact employees to check their availability. We will use GroupMe and Jackrabbit emails. 

  • When we make decisions and send them out using GroupMe and Jackrabbit emails. 

Inclement weather/ In the gym

In the event we experience severe weather while already at the gym, here are the policies and procedures for each:

Severe Thunderstorm with Lightening

  • If power goes out, the emergency light should kick on. Once that happens, bring everyone to the floor together. Teachers can lead the students through stretching or strength while the senior staff makes decisions on sending people home or not. 


  • A tornado watch means there is a chance a tornado could develop. If we are under a tornado watch, the staff should review the tornado warning procedures and be prepared to implement immediately if necessary. 

  • A tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted either on the ground or through radar images. If this occurs, immediate action must be taken. ​

    • Place a mat standing in front of the window at the pit bar​

    • Have all students get in the pit and have a mat near them to place on top of them should the tornado hit.

    • If there are too many students, have some in the middle of the floor with 8" mats around to get under should the tornado hit. 

    • Make sure parents come downstairs and join their students either in the pit or on the floor. 

    • Stay away from all windows. 

Winter precipitation

  • Typically, we would not experience dangerous winter precipitation at the gym because the forecast would have prepared us for what was to come and we would have already closed.

  • HOWEVER, occasionally we get a forecast and it's off by a few hours and precipitation begins earlier than predicted. If this happens  we will immediately begin  to send students home. 

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Knightdale Gymnastics is located at the cross section of Forest Drive & Village Drive